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5 EPIC Tips to make your blog content stand out from everyone else

In order to get your blog to be noticed and make it unique, there are certain important things that you must consider. Make sure the blog has accurate and useful information that people can understand and analyze it. Also the blog should be captivating so that it keeps the reader invested in it. It must cater to a wide audience so that more people share it with their network. As they may feel that an acquaintance of theirs may relate to it’s content.

Bloggers face various challenges when they write. They want their audience to relate to what has been written. They don’t want them to just read an article or a blog but to go through an experience. Bloggers have to work hard to make sure their blogs are getting the message through to their target market in the clearest and most captivating way possible.

Effective Tips for Content writing that will help your Blog Stand out!

Here are a few tips that can help you make your blog stand out:

  • You have to make your headlines POP!

Amidst the content of an article it’s easy to miss a title. So an attractive head line will surely catch the eye of any reader.

Successful bloggers spend more time drafting their titles than the blog itself. If the headline is tempting, it’s highly unlikely your content will go unread. A good mechanism to play on when making a blog title is the curiosity of your audience. If the title is a question that they may want answered then they will immediately click on your article to see what you have to say about it.

  • Use eye-catching Illustrations & Images

A lot of visitors go through a blog only because the pictures that the writer has put alongside the content catch their fancy. Always try to use interesting illustrations and images which you think will attract visitors. Also remember to place said images in areas where it would be difficult for the reader to imagine what you were saying. This will help them understand the content with the added bonus of being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  • Your blog should be Practical and Beneficial.

Publishing good quality content will not help your blog stand out if the information being supplied to the reader is useless to them. Writing content that is applicable practically and can be set into action by the readers will get you noticed more in the blogging community. People will see your work as useful to society. When a person uses the information in your blog in practical life and found it useful. They will then return to your blog to get more advice.

Publishing blogs that look great to read but don’t directly help the readers will eventually fade out since the readers don’t have any need for it in real life.

  • Interview Heroes and Sheroes!

Another way of standing out can be by interviewing well known or famous people in your field. Find a creative topic to interview them on and should be related to their work. Get their opinions on certain controversial or hot topics that people are already debating on. People are constantly at odds about different matters concerning multiple factors. Having the opinion of someone who holds great sway in the topic being discussed is gold. You can reach out to these people by video call or by email. You could do podcasts!

  • Pump up the volume on your Blog Design

The last approach to make your blog stick out is to make its design unique, make it stand out from all the other blogs at a glance. You can alter its design using colour schemes that may get the audience’s attention, customized header design or graphic designing that would catch the eye of a reader scrolling through.


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