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Is your new hire going to be a good fit for your company culture?

The right Culture begins with the right people. Hiring the Right People is often everyone’s goal but not always the end result.

People often ask me what is that “Something Extra” that’s going to help us retain employees. What is the missing ingredient that’s not helping us eliminate brain drain from the company? What are we doing wrong? Here’s what I have to say.

Globally Companies are undergoing an exemplary evolution with the Millenials coming in to join the workforce, perhaps one of the greatest changes after the industrial revolution. The hiring of the right person for the right job has evolved into a science. No longer matching a prospecting candidate’s education, skills and number of years of experience to the company’s requirements is considered sufficient.

As companies evolve they develop intrinsic values and a culture. To ensure Retention & Company Success its imperative that there is alignment between Employees and Company Culture. Employees therefore must exhibit the traits valued by an organization when he/she is taken on-board. Therefore, making the art of hiring the right people very important for the organisation’s success.

It is possible to train and teach a skilled candidate to become even better but it is virtually impossible to make someone love the way the company operates or make him empathize with the company values and its ethical paradigms.

Tips on hiring the right fit for your organisation:

Here’s how as an employer you can focus on a candidates Personality and Character during their shortlisting process to ensure relevance in your hiring strategy:

  • Management style in the earlier job. This will help the employer to know what kind of an environment the candidate is coming from. Did the management encourage independent decisions? You should find out if the employee had to follow  strict protocols. Its important to know if a hierarchy/reporting line was available for the employee.
  • Feedback from previous employment; a team player or a lone crusader. Someone who follows the book or is prepared to take risks to achieve management objectives. Does he advocate open discussions or feels that guidelines are to be followed only in letters and not in spirit?
  • Is the candidate happy with his Career Direction; What did he like the most of his current job and what he thinks he would prefer not to repeat? Is he a person of precision or concept
  • Is the candidate aware of What he Wants? Would he prefer being driven or would chart his own course. What values can he add to the current culture and how well he understands the current company culture

Additional things you should look into:

The following additional evaluation areas could help in hiring the right people whose Working style is closer to your Working Culture:

  1. Interactive Skills: Observe the candidate when he steps in for the interview; how he or she interacts with existing employees. Give the prospective Employee an opportunity to speak to fellow employees and not only to his dotted or direct line reporting. Its best you do this before the candidate is introduced to senior management for a formal interview.
  2. Benchmarking Against Current High Achievers: Once you have some basic data on the candidate, compare him to some of your best employees, make sure you are only comparing and not judging. His liking and disliking will depict his personality; whether he can become an asset to the company or will struggle to fit in the company’s culture
  3. Watch the Body Language: During the interview familiarize him with the company culture and see whether the job seeker looks comfortable. Be as transparent as possible; working hours, job requirements and some overview of the kind of people that work in the company

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