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5 Important Interview Questions Every Applicant Should Be Asked

A huge factor in a company’s success is the quality of people it hires and retains. Finding good talent and reliable people to work with is not easy, and it is quite hard to filter out the best ones from the mediocre ones without proper screening and interviews. Therefore the interview questions that you ask a potential candidate should be planned very carefully.

A resume may give you a peek of the applicant’s educational background and skills, but to know his/her competence and sharpness, an interview is proper. Through an interview, you get to observe how clearly he/she can communicate, how confident he/she carries his/her self, know what their motivations are and how quick they can think on their feet.

5 Important Interview Questions to Ask a Potential Employee

To successfully choose the best applicant, you must first ask the right questions. Below are 5 important interview questions that you should not miss out when interviewing a potential employee:

  1. What is your ideal work environment?

An applicant’s competence is not dictated by the type of work environment he/she thrives in, but if you want to ensure that a newbie is comfortable and very productive in the company, you must make sure that he/she could fit well into the company culture.

Some can work better in a quiet desk officework, but some love a fast-paced, high-pressure environment where they can challenge themselves and push the limits. It is important to advise an applicant about your current company culture and demands, so that he/she would know what to expect and if he/she needs to adjust for the job.

  1. What skills are you planning to improve on?

Most interviewees would ask the applicant about his/her greatest strength, but this isn’t just a mere cliche, it also puts the applicant in a difficult position. He/she may be nervous to come off over-confident or too scared to admit his/her skills in case he/she cannot meet the expectations at work. Besides, if an applicant is not too confident about certain skills and knowledge, he/she wouldn’t even bother placing it in the resume.

So instead of asking about their strengths, why not ask them about the skills and interest that they are trying to improve on? This helps you give an idea as to how he/she can grow with the company, in case they would indeed end up in the position. This also gives the applicant a chance to talk about his/her plans, gather his/her ideas and relax a little bit during the session.

  1. What excites you about the position/company?

An employee’s enthusiasm for the job affects his/her productivity and the quality of output he/she eventually turns in. Enthusiasm could go up and down, because it would also depend on other factors – but it is important to get an employee who is at least very excited about the position and the company, in general.

Just ask simple questions such as, why the applicant chose to apply in the company, and what excites him/her the most about the job. This could also give you an idea as to how knowledgeable the applicant is about the duties and responsibilities of the job.

  1. What was the academic/professional achievement that you are most proud of?

This is a way to help the applicant relax during the start of the interview. Candidates muster all the confidence they need in the hopes of acing the interview. If you start off with difficult questions, they might stammer and fail to answer properly. Let them talk about themselves first. Ask them what recent achievements they are most proud of, and how he/she can use this when he/she gets hired for the job.

  1. What do you usually do after work hours?

This question is another one that could help relax the candidate. Aside from the skills and knowledge that he/she can bring in to the company, remember that you are hiring a real person – not a machine or robot. Like everyone else, he/she would have a life or some hobbies outside work. Asking the question will give the applicant an idea that the company gives importance to work-life balance.

Take the interview as a chance to get to know your potential employee better. Knowing their plans, motivations and aspirations will help you know if the applicant is the best fit for the position and the company as a whole. Interview Questions are a great way to evaluate a Candidates potential interest in the position and in the organisation. For successful organisations it is imperative that organisations find candidates who agree with the Organisation values and culture. You can read  our CEO, Maheen Noor Soomro‘s blog “Is your New Hire going to be a good fit for your Company Culture”.

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