Client Testimonials

Maheen is a level headed and compassionate person who loves to train and mentor. I have seen her interacting with people and I always admire her calm and collected demeanor. She knows how to set expectations and is an excellent professional. If you are looking for a star recruitment consultant or an HR trainer, Maheen is an excellent choice.

testimonial of faiza yousuf
Faiza Yousuf Chief Consultant @ OuttaBox, Founder @ #WomenInTechPK, Researcher

Maheen has been a great support to my company in finding the best talent for us time after time. Recruiting is a pain when you can not find the right person for desired opening, Maheen and company helped us not to go through that pain anymore. We always look forward to Mushawar whenever there are new openings. I strongly recommend Maheen and her team for recruitment services. Best of luck from your satisfied client. Regards.

Mushawar UKs client
Ansar Shah, Director at Waqartech Director at Waqartech

Maheen has been not only a great HR Manager but also a good mentor, as she puts it “HR Superwoman”, which describes her very accurately I think. Getting things done while maintaining a very positive energy around is usually not common at workplace but of course leave it to Maheen and she GETS things done. While others might only see the relationship between employees and employer as a ‘Contract’, Maheen definitely breaks through the cliche by having the ‘always there’ attitude and making sure that everything is upto par. All-in-all a gem of a person and an awesome mentor on whom anyone can count on anytime.

Bilal Akhtar Business Devlopment at Wavetec Peru SAC

Maheen is a reliable and dedicated HR Manager. Her ability of Human Resource Management is unparalleled, and it is because of her excellence in this area that she had been repeatedly asked to mentor new employees in understanding the company’s work environment. Maheen’s multitasks effectively and is able to handle a high-volume workload. She consistently met or surpassed all her tasks and today, the best middle managers and junior resources are hired by her.

Danish Siddiqui Solution Sales Manager | Blockchain Evangelist, AI, Fintech, Alternative Payment Channels, E-Banking at Avanza Solutions

I’ve worked with Maheen for couple of years at Systems Limited/Visionet Systems Inc. With our fast growing AX practice at that time, she was a great help in meeting our technical resource requirements. I have seen her as an excellent leader and influencer for her subordinates. She has been a HR champion in this ever changing world of IT workspace. I truly enjoyed working with Maheen as a colleague and as a friend!

Syed Zeeshan Haider Senior Financial Consultant at Sunrise Technologies, North Carolina Area, USA

I have has the pleasure to work with Maheen at Systems Limited. She had some very challenging roles to deliver to and my all means she delivered those exceptionally well. May it be leading the HR at Karachi for Systems Limited, extremely tough talent acquisition, leading a team of young HR professionals, Employer Branding or Employee Well Being, Maheen came out with flying colors. Her ability to mange the team and the toughest of the situations is truly commendable. She has a visionary leadership style and has a can do attitude. It was owing to her hardwork and interpersonal skills that helped the senior management is nurturing its Human Capital and bring out the best out of them. It was a pleasure to work with you Maheen and I have no doubts that you will do very well in your professional career. Best of Luck !

Syed Umer Javaid Co-Founder/Director Strategy & Business Development, Business Genie Group

I have been working with Maheen since almost last 3 years and found her to be a very seasoned and professional HR Manager.

After her induction as an HR Manager at Systems Limited, Maheen brought a significant improvement in the implementation of HR policies and processes that have proven to be very effective for the organization. Her major contribution was the continuous recruitment drives, and especially in the times when the company was in the fast paced growing phase, and played a vital role in bringing new talent within the organization, both for Systems Limited and Techvista Systems (SL subsidiary in Middle East). She also initiated and played an instrumental role in implementing all the HR policies at Techvista from the scratch.

She has tremendous interpersonal skills and is always able to deal with different challenging situations in very effective and efficient manner. She is a level headed individual who knows how to work extremely well with diversified teams. She was able to take the challenges posed at her with a smile and was always able to deliver what was expected from her.

In a very short span of time, Maheen has earned the respect of her supervisors, peers and subordinates. She was a joy to work with and an extremely dedicated HR Manager.

Sajid Hamid Director Professional Services at Systems limited

I have known Maheen for over a couple of years and I love the energy she has within her. This is the same which is reflected in her work and in Mushawar Consulting. I am so proud to say that I know her personally and professionally and am glad that she has taken up this role full time. Because this is what she loves doing, connecting the right people with the right kind of jobs!
Good luck Maheen!

Shafaq Tariq

Maheen worked as an HR professional with me at NHEPL. She is a very bright and hard working professional. She also has a very pleasant personality that enables her to work very effectively with others. I expect a very bright future for of her in her profession.

Syed Wamiq Bokhari MD & CEO at Pakistan Petroleum Limited

I have been working with Maheen for around last 3 years and I found her to be the most professional HR Manager I have worked with till date, she is very competent in all aspects of HR function and her contribution in Systems Limited’s phenomenal growth (about 2.5 times its prior size w.r.t workforce) is absolutely astounding. She was able to take the challenges posed at her by Systems Limited head on with a smile and was always able to deliver what was expected from her.
She has tremendous interpersonal skills and is always able to deal with different challenging situations in very effective and efficient manner, that are signs of a true professional and Goal Oriented leader.

Musharib Raheem Project Manager | Senior Advisory Quality Engineer at Systems limited

Maheen is a people person who has the ability to drive teams forward regardless of the difficulty. She has a great balance of technical HR skills and strong leadership attributes. She is always willing to help others and has an enthusiastic attitude regarding HR. Maheen possesses the ability to think strategically and is extremely knowledgeable in Talent Acquisition, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Performance Management and Organizational Development. She excels at coaching/preparing managers for successful interactions with their associates. She is probably one of the best managers I’ve ever met in my life and one of the smartest HR professionals I’ve ever worked with.

Sadia Fatima Senior HR Professional SNB Middle East FZC, Dubai

A thorough HR professional who keep close coordination among all the functions of the business, provides a talented pool of resources and then try her best to retain and motivate them by crossing over extra mile. She is a good person, nice friend, intelligent professional and a cheerful colleague. We pray for her long, healthy personal and professional life ahead.

Atif khalil Director Finance at Wavetec

I have had the pleasure of knowing MAHEEN NOOR SOMMRO for the past 3+ years working with me in SYSTEMS LIMITED. MAHEEN is a dedicated, loyal and self-motivated team player with a very strong work ethic. Result driven and efficient. As a Senior Manager Human Resources, MAHEEN showed her analysis skills. Shows all the time a strong determination to fulfill her goals, while being honest to other

Muhammad Mushtaq Patni VP Professional Services at Systems Limited

Ms Maheen is self motivated, highly efficient team worker, highly recommended to work in varied work environments, great planner. Dedication to seeing a job through on time and successful completion can only be called outstanding.
She has quality to manage tasks in most professional way and above all I found her willing to work on new resource and skill building projects always.

Ghulam Nabi Agha Deputy Chief Engineer- Drilling at Pakistan Petroleum Limited

I contacted Mushawar Consulting for a webinar for Wings to Women Facebook community. Maheen was very kind to make time in her busy schedule that too on a weekend. Maheen kept it very realistic by opening the webinar with her own journey to Mushawar consulting, I think most women entrepreneurs could relate to their success. Her knowledge on the topic was very thorough. She was extremely punctual. Detail oriented. Very polite to all the queries at hand. It is so impressive to see women entrepreneurs like Maheen think beyond a 9-5 job, and do what they are most passionate about, not many have the courage to follow their dreams.

Sehrish Dogar Marketing Finance Officer at Tapal Tea Pvt Ltd

Mushawar consulting is not just like other consultants treating you like a client, they treat you like their own.
If you really want yourself along with your business to grow, contact Maheen Noor from Mushawar as she is the best option available in this industry 🙂
She will definitely help you in enhancing your skills and making you an expert in your field 😉
Best of luck to team Mushawar.. You guys are doing a great job

Shayan Mughal HR Officer, IBEX Global

The team at Mushawar Consulting is a valuable asset to any organization looking for HR expertise, guidance and support. I have worked with the team while working at Liberty Books. They have helped with everything from writing employee manual to finding new employees. Maheen is 100% straight forward, professional, knowledgeable and direct in her approach. She literally helped us through planning process, assessed the situations and advised on different directions to take based on scenarios. I highly recommend Mushawar Consulting if you are looking for a strategic partner.

Elham Taufiq Marketing Manager, Liberty Books