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Empowering Women Leadership Program
Empowering Women Leadership Program

Introduction to the Program:

Empowering Women is the key for sustainable growth for not just organisations, but the society itself.

After slowly growing for decades, today the number of top women in the C-suites has stalled and remains substantially lower and it is believed that if you want more women to rise through the ranks, you require a stronger pipeline of female talent behind the CEO.

That’s why keeping talented women in the pipeline should be at the top of the agenda for CEOs and HR Heads. Top leaders must lead by example with more gender diversity in their boardrooms and among the ranks of their senior leaders. This isn’t just about gender equality. A more diverse pool of talent will bring fresh perspectives, new ideas and broader experience, which will be crucial to maintaining your position in the global market.

Are you a Working Woman who feels that she does not get the recognition she deserves for her contributions at work? Do you feel like your voice is not heard?

Are you a Female Manager who struggles with leadership and team management? Is assigning assignments and setting rules in your team a problem for you?

Are you looking for assistance to help you with your personal and professional development plans?

Mushawar UK Ltd and Advancing your Potential bring to you The Empowering Women Leadership Program.

This is a leadership training and coaching program designed to help women in your company gain recognition as an up-and-coming leader in your organization and help them create an achievable roadmap for career advancement. The program consists of 41 women focused soft skills trainings in which women executives will discover critical leadership competencies that will help them advance their careers and contribute positively to your organization.

This is a 3 month program which is offered through interactive online Master classes held thrice a week and comes with downloadable training material which can be put to use immediately The participants will be tested via an online quiz, the passing of which will lead to a Certificate of Completion. This leadership program has been undertaken by thousands of women globally and is endorsed with great feedback. Ananke, Published a great piece on not just the Program but also our trainers. You can read this here.

Ananke Magazine, is a non-profit, online interactive platform engaging women across the MENA region and beyond. It is a platform showcasing women trailblazers, visionaries, women in leadership positions as role models for young women, seeking inspiration, guidance and mentoring in the MENA region. Ananke strives to create social impact by advocating empowerment through awareness, information and education. We are a multidimensional forum where women share knowledge, interact, seek and gain guidance.

Our Trainers:

Hira Ali:

Hira Ali will be the Lead Trainer and Coach for Empowering Women Leadership Program. She will be joined in from global career and well being experts and industry leaders for some sessions.

Hira is a Leadership Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Executive Career Coach & Licensed NLP Practitioner.Over the past decade she has had the privilege of training & coaching hundreds of people belonging to various professions, cadres, ethnicities and across a wide range of industries with a 98% above average rating review. From teachers to students, from corporates to police officials & CIA agents, from business owners to students, her target audience has been very diverse.

An accredited member of the International Coach Federation and Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hira's Leadership & Coaching articles have been widely acclaimed and have been featured in The International Coach Federation, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global as well as Ellevate Network with thousands of reads and shares (a few of them have been shared by Arianna Huffington herself) Hira has also been featured in several podcast interviews for the work she does and has been regularly invited at various forums to talk on Leadership and Personal Development topics. Her talks and interviews have been downloaded thousands of times by listeners worldwide. Hira's self & career development podcast 8 Minutes of Learning With Hira Ali has been featured in the Huff Post amongst the top 100 rising podcasts accepting guests.

Hira is also a registered coach and mentor at various organizations in London such as NHS & Mentor2mentees & Cherie Blair Foundation. She is extremely passionate about women empowerment and extensively trains and coaches high-performing, corporate career women. Having trained and coached women in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, US, Canada and Australia, she has earned the title of an International Coach & Trainer for Women in Leadership. In her upcoming book and career membership site The Career Exceler For Enterprising Women -exclusively targeted towards career women she highlights the career challenges faced by women globally and the cultural implications of the latter.​Hira has been nominated for two prestigious awards in UK this year: Risng Entreprenur Star Award & LiftEffects Recognition Award for 100 extraordinary women , globally.

Maheen Noor Soomro:

Maheen will Assist Hira Ali as a trainer on Empowering Women Leadership Program.

She wears many caps. But people know her for her Talent Acquisition/Recruitment Skills for the Global IT Industry, as an Entrepreneur & CEO at Mushawar UK Ltd, a Career Coach and an Employee Well-being & Engagement Trainer. Maheen tries juggling as much as she can and therefore she also has expertise and has worked as a Human Resource Policy & Process Consultant, a business strategy mentor for startups and Women Empowerment and Youth Development Specialist.

She broke the glass ceiling in the IT Industry of Pakistan when She became the fastest growing Female Human Resource Manager at Pakistan’s first & largest IT Company. Maheen was handling HR Operations, Employer Branding, Employee Engagement, Diversity Management Programs and other initiatives for Business Expansion including leading their UAE operations and starting their Middle East, Australia & Pakistan IT Resource Outsourcing Models.

She has worked with teams all over the world, Pakistan, UAE, China, Africa, USA, India, Australia and the UK. Maheen served as a consultant for various companies on HR, Training and Organization Re-structuring Projects in the Pakistani and UAE markets.

As a recruiter She has had many successes, which includes:

  • Recruiting over 6000 people all over the globe,
  • Launching Resource Outsourcing models for companies,
  • Being recognized as Linkedin’s top1% profiles consecutively for 2012 and 2013.

As a trainer she has trained over 500 employees at SMEs, Startups and Businesses as well as Corporates on:

  • Workplace Etiquettes,
  • Workplace Professionalism,
  • Career Growth Strategies,
  • Personal Development Skills and Habits,
  • Women Empowerment,
  • Identity and Career Focus Initiative

As a Women Empowerment Specialist she has worked with various online and on ground initiatives & Groups in Middle East and Pakistan. These initiatives are working towards building a stronger tomorrow for women around the world and in industries like Information Technology, Computer Software, Retail, STEM, Media etc.

For Youth Development, she launched various Career Planning programs in schools, universities and organizations to train fresh graduates. These programs are successfully running in Pakistan and Middle East.

She launched her first entrepreneurship as a Co-founder/CEO in 2016 by the name of Mushawar Consulting, a process and policy consultancy company based in Pakistan. In 2017, she has launched her first solo entrepreneurship venture Mushawar UK Ltd in London, United Kingdom. The company works with markets like EU, UK, Australia and UAE and offers Recruitment Solutions, HR Policy and process re-alignment, Web Development & Maintenance Solutions and Content Writing Solutions.

Program Details:

12 Week Sessions
Registration Ends: April 15th, 2018

Program Starts: April 16th, 2018
Sessions: 41 Live Sessions with the trainers online
Each Session is 1.5 hours approximately
Registration NOW OPEN at: register@advancingyourpotential.com
Registration Fee: USD 650
If you register in groups you are entitled to discounts:

  • Group (5 People) - 10%
  • Group (10-19) -15%
  • Group of 20 or more - 20% (ideal for networking groups, teams and companies)

Exciting News for a FAST ACTION BONUS: 

The Training Program is that in $650 we also give them a year long access to The Career Exceler with monthly coaching calls, book reviews  training will end in 3 months but they will get continued support for an additonal 6 months  in the form of Monthly group coaching, live Q&As access to guest videos. 

Empowering Women Leadership Program
Empowering Women Leadership Program


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