HR & Recruitment Solutions

At Mushawar UK Limited we work on various avenues of individual and corporate enhancement by providing HR and Recruitment solutions. Under the label of HR and Recruitment Solutions we provide organizational structuring and development, business process redesigning and restructuring, talent acquisition, training and engagement programs.

Our consultants have a combined 20+ years of extensive experience of handling corporate organizational experts that may perfectly cater your business needs.

Our Consultants have a varied experience of industries in Pakistan and UAE ranging from Information Technology, Industrial & Manufacturing Sector, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Sector, Retail and NGO Sector as well as Computer Software Industry.

We work on various avenues with our clients to provide 360° business consulting solutions to excel in what you do and achieve your goals before you have planned them.

The avenues we have worked include:

  • Recruitment and Selection (Talent Acquisition Solutions): We also specialize in IT Technical Recruitment.
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Organization Transformation (Change Management)
  • Employee Well-being Programs
  • HR Solutions (HR Desk, Creating Policy Documentation, Employee Grievance Management etc.)
  • Skills Training and Personal & Professional Development: We have Public Training Programs as well as our Signature Series Training Programs

You can learn more about the above-mentioned services and programs through our website, our downloads section, our blogs and case studies and by dropping us an email on the following:

You can also get in touch with us through our contact us page.