Our company name stems from the term in Urdu dialect, ‘Mushawar’ which Literally means a Guide, A professional consultant who delivers
expert advice and that’s exactly who we are.

Mushawar UK Limited is a One Stop Business Services and Consultancy firm offering Human Resources, Technology, Content Writing, Digital Media and Mentoring services to its individual and corporate clients. We work with over 100+ clients Globally, Corporations, Startups, SMEs and Entrepreneurs from United Kingdom, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are a global firm, with our head office based in London, United Kingdom.


Mushawar UK Ltd strongly believes in Integrity, Honesty, Commitment and Results. We ensure that our performance is centered around these values and additionally we strive everyday to responsibly provide these values to our employees in our Work culture.


At Mushawar UK Ltd our Mission is to simplify the challenges faced by our Clients, Deliver practical and Resolute results by our talented and committed team of consultants to drive our Client’s businesses for accelerated performance and Growth.


We believe in promising High-Quality Results, that is exactly why we are selective. We believe in taking on projects and deadlines that we can deliver to high satisfaction of our Customers. That’s why we have retained almost 90% of the original Clientele we started our Business Operations.



Recruitment & Head Hunting

Get in touch with us to access a Global Network of Talent at your fingertips!

Content Writing & Blogging

Not everyone can create Magic for your blogs, But We can. We fix your Web Content Like a Boss!

Web Solutions

Hate your website? Hand it over the experts! What others messed up we can fix for you!

Software Development Solutions

We design Software Solutions for your problems. If you have an idea but need someone to technically execute it for you, our team can help you!



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