Creating Focus in Life

Have you felt that certain members in your team cannot reach their full potential despite all the motivation you provide to them? It is especially frustrating when you know someone is capable of reaching their assigned goals but gets detracted easily because of certain pressures they face in their personal or professional life.

Are you someone who has lost sight of what they want to do in life? Do you wake up everyday without a purpose, dreading your daily routine and job and are struggling to maintain balance in your personal and professional life? Are you overwhelmed with life? Then this is the right course for you!

Our very successful Signature Training, Creating Focus in Life helps the attendees to understand the distractions around them, recognize their true calling and priorities and then work towards achieving internal satisfaction, professional and personal goals.

Our Director, Maheen Noor Soomro delivers the training to audiences around the world. Maheen has been working as an HR Practitioner, HR Policy and Process Consultant and an ACE recruiter for a decade in Asia, Middle East, UK and European Markets. She has been working with individuals as a Career Coach and a voice of inspiration for many young professionals in Pakistan. She has worked as a trainer with several corporations throughout her career and her focus has always been on self-development, personal leadership, Recruitment Trends, Digital and Personal Image building, Team Management, leadership, employee engagement and wellbeing. She has also worked with Schools and universities to help students and parents understand the importance of career planning.

The training has been very well received from attendees around the world, and it remains one of the top sellers in the Asian and Middle Eastern Markets. The training can be delivered online via zoom, can be pre-recorded and shared in online sessions and can also be delivered in person. That is the beauty of digitalized training industry. The training cost can be shared on request.

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